Selected List of Articles in Print

The State of Whistleblowing: A call to strengthen current policies and laws Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science Summer 2016  p25-27

The Two-Hat Volunteer Dilemma: Why one veteran firefighter is being targeted by his union Frontline Security Winter 2014/15  p23-25

The New Face of Transit Public Safety: Inside Calgary’s cultural transformation Frontline Security Winter 2013/14  p9-11

Made in Calgary: The 1960s Homes & Living Calgary Feb/March 2013  p88-92

Camera Surveillance Reducing Crime: Privacy Versus Security Frontline Security Winter 2009/2010  p12-16

The Canadian Rangers Guardians of the North  Frontline Defence
Issue 4 2009  p12-15

U.S. Coast Guard Flying High with new Ocean Sentry Frontline Defence
Issue 2 2009  p24-25

Minnie Simcoe:: A World War II Mascot Remembered  Airforce Magazine
Winter 2008-2009  p56-58

Lancs in the Fifties A Salute to Canada’s Cold War Lancasters  Airforce Magazine Fall 2008 p35-37

China’s Sichuan Earthquake Frontline Search and Rescue  Fall/Winter
2008  p18-20

Hidden Wounds  Frontline Defence  July/Aug 2008  p21-23

Vern “Dry Hole” Hunter How a Preacher’s Son  Became an Oilpatch Legend  Alberta History  Summer 2008 v57 No. 3 p2-7

New Zealand’s Intrepid Volunteer Coast Guard Frontline Search and Rescue  Spring 2008  p18-19

Recognition for Unsung Heroes: A Salute to Americans in the RCAF
Fall 2007 p39-41

Colours of War Alberta Museums Review Fall 2002 v28 i1 p65-67

A mighty tank born of a wartime compromise  The Globe and Mail November 3, 1999 Section D p5

Memento Mori  Alberta Museums Review May 1999 v25 i1 p46-47

Articles Published in Esprit de Corps Magazine

From D-Day to Afghanistan: The evolution of women in the Canadian Navy 
Esprit de Corps March 2011 18.2 p20(4)

Mary Dover: A maverick in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps Esprit de Corps  January 2008 14.12 p34(3)

War Brides and Their Children: While some live the Canadian dream, many others battle for their citizenship  Esprit de Corps July 2007 14.6 p20(2)

Cold War Sentinels  Esprit de Corps August 2006 13.8 p20(3)

Building Canada’s Bomber Command Memorial Esprit de Corps November 2005 12.11 p16(2)

Bridging the Gap: The future of fighter pilot training Esprit de Corps September 2005 12.9 p20(2)

Inside the new Canadian War Museum Esprit de Corps August 2005 12.8 p16(3)

Canada’s forgotten war babies: part one Esprit de Corps April 2005 12.4 p21(4)

Canada’s forgotten war babies: part two Esprit de Corps May 2005 12.5 p21(4)

Flying high with 4 Wing: author gets special access to the Cold Lake restricted zone.  Esprit de CorpsAugust 2004 11.9 p10(3)

4 Wing at 50! Base at Cold Lake celebrates fifty years of proud service 
Esprit de Corps  July 2004 11.8 p10(3)

Rising to the challenge: sixty years ago, Canada’s nursing sisters became heroines in the Italian theatre.  Esprit de Corps Nov 2003 10.12 p19(2)

Dieppe: Canada’s sacrifice. Esprit de Corps Nov 2002 10.173 p13-14

Colours of war exhibit conveys a terrible beauty. Esprit de Corps 
June 2001 8.8 p8,15

Canuck invention made D-Day coverage possible. Esprit de Corps 
July 2000 8.1 p11

Capturing the face of war: the Canadian Army Film & Photo Units.
Esprit de Corps  June 2000 7.12 p19

Articles Published in Canadian Trade Journals

Alberta’s Next Big City Red Deer: An emerging leader in business and tourism. Commerce and Industry Magazine Spring 2015  p11-13

From Gate to Plate: High River’s Cargill meat processing plant celebrates 25 years Western Food Processor  Fall 2014 Vol. 2 No. 3 p15-18

A New Player in the Fast Casual Restaurant Market: Joey’s Urban is set to reel them in Western Restaurant News Summer 2014  p10-17

A Dauntless Independent in a Small Town: Scott Mitchell finds success at the helm of Market Street Vulcan Western Grocer March/April 2014 p20-22 

Catering to Canmore’s Scene: It’s full steam ahead for the Iron Goat Pub & Grill  Western Restaurant News Fall 2013  p33-34

Truly Canadian: The Evolution of the Canadian Brewhouse  Bar & Beverage Business Magazine Spring/Summer  2013  p8-15

Alberta Hotel Industry Continues to Flourish Western Hotelier Magazine March/April 2013  p71-76

Alberta Food Service Industry On Top:  Sales Growth and Profit Margins Soar In 2011  Western Restaurant News Fall 2011  p35-38

The Latest Wireless POS Equipment: Revolutionizing Customer Service  Bar & Beverage Business Magazine Spring/Summer 2011  p15-19

A Chain of One: Venerable Calgary Mac’s Store Stays with the Times C-Store Canada  March/April 2011  p22-23

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